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Plan the Perfect Hot Tub Party


Plan the Perfect
Hot Tub Party

Summer is finally here and it’s the perfect time to invite and entertain your friends in the hot tub. It’s the most fun one can have—soaking in the tub as the therapeutic jets massage your back, while you enjoy the company of your friends. Here are a few tips for you to follow for throwing the best party:

Clean Your Tub
Nothing will kill the vibe of your party faster than a dirty tub. Make sure that your filters are clean and rinsed out prior to the party, as clogged flitters can fail to trap contaminants and make your tub water appear cloudy. It is a good idea to refresh the water in your tub if it is older than 3 month and add a sanitizer solution into the water well before time so that it can take effect.
Set the Mood!
Lighting some scented candles will allow you to have that perfect aromatic ambiance and will also help you and your friends to relieve some of the stress off. Play some fun yet calming music in the background and set the volume to low so as not to distract you or your friends and break the flow of conversation. Make sure that you set the temperature dial to the perfect temperature, so that you can enjoy the ultimate spa experience.
Food and Drinks
The last thing you would want is to hop out of the perfectly pleasant water to get your friends food and drinks. Therefore, it is very convenient that you keep your eatables and beverages within reach so that you can serve with ease. It is also important to choose the items on your menu wisely, as you would not want your friends to accidently spill something in the hot tub. In this case, finger food is the most viable option for it is very manageable to eat in a spa setting and it also allows you to have a variety on your menu.
Party Games
To keep the party alive and exciting, introduce a few fun games to change the pace a little, and revive the party. You can bring in water-proof games to liven up the mood of the party.
Now you’re all set for planning the most thrilling and memorable party of this season.

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