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How to Fix the Cloudy Water in Your Hot Tub


How to Fix
the Cloudy Water
in Your Hot Tub

Does the water in your hot tub appear cloudy or milky? Are you tried of having to change the water in your tub more often than necessary? Are you having trouble with figuring out a solution to this problem too? Well, fear not, because I’m about to share some helpful and handy tip that’ll help you restore the water in your hot tub back to normal.

There could be several reasons for the cloudy and murky water in your hot tub; for example: low level of sanitizer concentration, imbalanced alkalinity, presence of excessive contaminants or simply just the fact that your water needs to be refreshed. It is very important for you to identify the cause of this issue; only then can you rectify the problem using the appropriate method.

Level of Sanitizer Concentration
The level of sanitizing solution in your spa water could be both high and low and it is very essential for you to know at which end of the spectrum does the PH value of your water lies. This can be very easily tested using a PH test strips. If the alkalinity of your water is too high, it can cause the carbonates to strip away and make your water appear cloudy. If the PH value of your water is out of balance, it can cause damage to your skin, hence it is imperative that you check the PH value regularly.

Unless you are assiduous about showering before setting foot in your spa, there’s a good chance that the reason for milky water in your hot tub is, none other than, your moisturizers or hair products. If you do not take a shower before entering your spa, all the excessive substances are going to wash into the tub and contaminate the water. Make sure that you also soak your swimwear in fresh water before using it in the spa so that you can rid of the extra detergent and fabric softeners.

Clean Your Filters
Clogged or worn-out filters affect the performance of your filtration system and fail to catch the junk floating about in your hot tub. Make sure that you rinse your filters water 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the usage of the tub. You should also change the filters annually to make sure that the performance of your spa is not compromised.

The last thing you would want to see as you remove the cover of your hot tub is cloudy water. These tips will surely help you fix the problem and help you understand the root cause, so that you can prevent it from happening again.

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